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Where I Left Off on the Ferguson…

1955 Ferguson TO35

Since most of what I have left to do on the Ferguson is rattle-can painting, and it really should be dry and above 50 degrees to do so–and since we live in a hole with only an open carport on the north side of the building…well, it will be April before I can finish. But you can see above I got a lot done, and the machine looks 100% better. It doesn’t stand up to “concours” level inspection, but then again it will be bouncing around the field acquiring scratches and such. Hopefully I can avoid major incidents and keep up with a touch-up brush until I get tired of that.

All that remains, really, is to assemble and paint the hood.


  1. Drive ‘er! Reminds me of our MF35 on which I learned to drive oh so many years ago. Brilliant.

  2. Roger you to35 looks great! How much do you have in her? Can you email me?

  3. Roger

    March 18, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    I paid $3000 for the machine, which might have been a bit much, but there you are. I think last year’s work was maybe another $2500, including almost $1000 for new tires.

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