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PTO – Poorly Tackled Operation

The PTO seal on the fergie was leaking a bit, so last week I drained the 8 gallons (!) of hydraulic fluid from the machine and changed it. I was feeling very proud of my efficient work, and only noticed at about gallon seven of the refill that the new seal was leaking like a sieve…way worse than the old one.

My short-term solution? Park the tractor on a steep hill to prevent the expensive fluid from pooring out. Today, a week later, I pulled the PTO shaft and examine my work. (I always buy two of any seal I replace on anything mechanical so I have a spare in case I screw up.) Well, it was leaking because I essentially destroyed the new seal putting it in last time. Doh!

My spare is on, installed correctly, and seems to be working fine. Took about fifteen minutes, by the way…

Ferguson Work

1955 Ferguson TO35

I mowed another couple of acres today up at Pony Hollow, and I’m beginning to believe I’ll have to rebuild the hydraulics on the tractor. They work but they also don’t have a decent range of adjustment, which suggests either wear or bad seals.

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Mow City

1955 Ferguson TO35

The Fergie was delivered today, and I had a pretty good time trying out the brush hog. I clearly need more work on that part, but the tractor runs well and only has a few mechanical items that need attention (that I know about now, anyway!). That seat is definitely not original and needs to go away…soon!

Tractor Envy

TO-35This is what my Fergie is supposed to look like, and will perhaps one day. Nice thing about tractors is that the finish was never that good to start with, and painting it yourself will return results that will be the equal to how they were delivered.


1955 Ferguson TO35

Well, I bought a tractor, and I even bought an ugly one which was more useful than the “pretty” one! That’s gotta be a first.

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