Becoming a Victim


Today I completed a straight-across trade–my c.1890 FE Reed wood-turning lathe for this bike, a 1969 BSA 441 Victor Special. This machine hasn’t run in a long time, but is in generally good condition–I’m hoping a bit of fettling may bring her back to life. Of course, machines sometimes are taken off the road for very good mechanical reasons, so I may discover something ‘orrible inside.


I think the bike will clean up fairly well…the odometer reads 386 miles (!) which indicates (a) a low miles bike which had a very hard 380 miles, (b) the speedometer has been replaced or (c) the speedometer quit working after 386 miles, which I think would have been 385 miles outside of the warranty period.

I mean, I suppose it could just have been kicking around various garages for 40+ years, but that front brake looks pretty worn to me, among all the other signs of wear-and-tear.

I’ve never really had the desire to own a Victor, but it’s a pretty little bike in its own way and if it can be made to run without needing a rebuild, I’m happy to dink around on it for awhile to see what it’s like.

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that’s 386 WHITWORTH miles, silly! J.

i have had one since 1983 very easy to work on and a fun ride i bet it just needs a tune up looks iike original speedo good luck with it

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