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XJ6 Sold!

Dave was kind enough to give me money and an old band saw for my XJ6. It was a decent car but just not my kettle of fish!


20060525 003How the “mighty” have fallen. I’m seriously considering trading my XJ6, which I really shouldn’t have accepted in the first place, for the Ultimate Blasting Cabinet. I really dislike the little benchtop cabinet I have and I spend a LOT of time during a restoration using the bead blaster to clean things up. Plus it would be large enough to actually hold the entire cage from a Jaguar rear suspension. Hm.

Of course the reason I’m considering this is that there is essentially zero interest in this car–Chuck will be thinking “I told you so!” along with Paul, my wife, the guy who used to own it…everyone but me. Oh, well.

Laughing and Scratching

20060520 003I have the ’87 XJ6 on craigslist just to gauge if there’s any interest. I still have a few things to do to it but really really need to move it along. I shouldn’t have accepted the car and now find myself in my usual situation of essentially giving it away. Oh, well. Lesson learned.


The “free” XJ6 runs! Turns out that some idiot (me) didn’t have the coil hooked up right. Drove it about five miles, and it seems fine. Worried a bit by some smoking under load, but that’s OK for the time being.

No Fire in the Hole

Or the car is a hole. I got the head back on the “free” XJ6 and on, and now it won’t fire. I’m fairly certain it’s something to do with the fuel injectors…that, or one of the many sealed little electronic gizmos that control them. Sigh. Give me SU carbs any day of the week!

Cracked Head

Ah, the joys of a free car. Once I had the head down to the machine shop, it turns out it was cracked in not one or two, but three places. So it had to be sent out for welding…which is almost done. My friend Jeff, who is to British cars what the iceberg was to the Titanic, was going to buy this from me when I’m done with it, but he has since bought an MGB.

This means I’ll either keep the car (???) or sell it once it’s sorted out. Actually, I can see three choices:

  1. Keep it, and wonder every day why I need both an aged XJ6 and a 100,000 mile Land Rover and a pickup truck (maybe selling the Land Rover instead?);
  2. Sell it, and perhaps break some weird “I gave you this car so it would go to a good home and now look what you’re doing” trust that perhaps accompanies a “free” car;
  3. or

  4. Trade it, keeping my eyes peeled for some derelict old car I’d like to have, whose owner may look at a decent XJ6 as a “reasonable” exchange (hey, I didn’t claim they’d be smart).

The eye-rolling is almost non-stop around here these days.

Free XJ6, the Gift That Keeps on Taking

XJ6I was given a 1987 XJ6 Series 3. Why? It has a blown head gasket, and having a pro fix that will cost you more than a middling-nice XJ6 is worth. (And since it took me about 12 hours just to get the cylinder head off, that’s no suprise, if you imagine even a substantial fraction of that being billed at $90 an hour, with no reconditioning or repair done.)

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