Ah, the joys of a free car. Once I had the head down to the machine shop, it turns out it was cracked in not one or two, but three places. So it had to be sent out for welding…which is almost done. My friend Jeff, who is to British cars what the iceberg was to the Titanic, was going to buy this from me when I’m done with it, but he has since bought an MGB.

This means I’ll either keep the car (???) or sell it once it’s sorted out. Actually, I can see three choices:

  1. Keep it, and wonder every day why I need both an aged XJ6 and a 100,000 mile Land Rover and a pickup truck (maybe selling the Land Rover instead?);
  2. Sell it, and perhaps break some weird “I gave you this car so it would go to a good home and now look what you’re doing” trust that perhaps accompanies a “free” car;
  3. or

  4. Trade it, keeping my eyes peeled for some derelict old car I’d like to have, whose owner may look at a decent XJ6 as a “reasonable” exchange (hey, I didn’t claim they’d be smart).

The eye-rolling is almost non-stop around here these days.