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Friend’s Cars

What happened in 2023?

Sorry to have been absent for such a long time, but I did almost nothing on my own projects this past year, instead helping an E-Type owner reassemble his 4.2 fixed-head coupe, as seen above. We’re not quite done yet, but hopefully another month or so will see it drive away under its own power.

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Elan Coupe

My friend just picked up this nice original Elan Coupe. Looking sharp in Bahama Yellow (I think that’s the color, anyway).


I offered to store a friend’s 1994 Triumph Daytona 1200 for them over the winter as a favor and as part of the deal I agreed to get it back into running condition…wait. Something doesn’t seem right there…so much for deal-making savvy. Ah, well, what are you going to do?

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Ducati 900SS

1994 Ducati 900 SS

A friend was itching for a motorcycle–as a consequence, at the spur of the moment we journeyed to Everett today to look at this ’94 Ducati 900-SS. Nice condition, 9500 miles. Since it’s been a few years since Paul has ridden (plus there’s no endorsement on his license), I took it out for the test spin. Nice bike. (I last rode a 900SS brand-new in about 1994, come to think of it. I wanted to buy one then but my shoddy credit at the time prevented that from happening…)
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1963 Fixed Head Coupe

1963 XKE FHC

I took Goldie and the “half-mine” trailer over to Lake Stevens today to help my friend Paul pick up a non-running 1963 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe (Paul owns the other half of the trailer–I think mine is the right half).
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BSA Thunderbolt, New Bars

1972 BSA Thunderbolt

Before delivering this up to my friend’s place, I took the opportunity to fix a few things. Mainly, I put new bars on it, getting rid of the ridiculous “western” bars and putting on a set from a Norton Interstate. Much better, though the install would benefit from new cables. Couple of more photos after the jump.
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1972 BSA Thunderbolt

Spent one of the worst-weather spring Saturdays that I can recall trekking to Puyallup to help a friend pick up this BSA Thunderbolt. It looks to be a pretty nice machine with a minimum of things to put right.

Just a bit later that very day this bike was wedged into a set of mailboxes (fortunately with only minor damage at a very low speed) with the new (and very inexperienced) owner aboard. Almost as funny as the time when I put my 1995 Daytona onto its side-stand without–and, this is key–first putting the side-stand down. Once 500 lbs of stuff gets past its tipping point there is little a puny human can do to stop it.

Coleman (as in Mustard)

Jeff's MGB

I’ll be helping my friend Jeff put together another MGB. It’s a ’73 roadster in tough but usable condition–blown-up engine excepted. It comes with a spare rebuildable engine and I’ve located a decent used motor as well. So we’ll have a kit of parts and will see what we can get out the other side.

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