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1963 Fixed Head Coupe

1963 XKE FHC

I took Goldie and the “half-mine” trailer over to Lake Stevens today to help my friend Paul pick up a non-running 1963 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe (Paul owns the other half of the trailer–I think mine is the right half).

1963 XKE FHC

It’s an interesting car, the bonnet is fairly rough but there doesn’t seem to be much rust in it–the car came out of California to the rainy northwest 20 years ago. Originally the coupe was a light metallic blue. Lots of money was spent rebuilding the engine, though that was 15 years ago now.

1963 XKE FHC

I think it’s going to run without too much trouble…unfortunately, everything cosmetic needs to be done, which is not an inconsiderable cost. Be fun to run it as a scruffy driver, though. Sitting in it, I’m a bit concerned about fitting into my flat-floor roadster, as the footwells really do add a fair amount of room, as does the indented bulkhead behind the seats. I guess we’ll see.

1963 XKE FHC

I’d really, really like to own a FHC again. I swear I’d do what I could to rust/waterproof the car and drive it as my daily driver. Paul bought this car to make some money (he was offered $3,000 more than he paid just on the ferry ride home) so I doubt this one will end up in my “collection.” (There’s also minor issues with having actual cash on hand as well, but that’s just details.)

It’s funny, these cars are still around and about, lurking in garages and what-not. Unfortunately, most owners believe they’re sitting on gold rather than asking a fair price, it’s nice to see the occasional “bargain.”


  1. Allie

    OMG! A real car!!

  2. Kevin C.

    You appear to have an alarming habit of helping friends befoul themselves deeper in the ownership of British iron. You are an enabler, sir. Have that on your conscience, you fiend.
    Actually, it will be interesting to see if our sagging economy brings forth a few bargains in exchange for some quick cash. Maybe 8 years of Dubya just might pay off for us car collectors who have more dreams than bucks.

  3. Gary Moore

    I am looking right for a FHC or a OTS. The prices are really high.
    I have a truck to tow with, but I would like to restrore my future acquisition in someones really nice garage. Wasn’t that your garage in the other article that had the lift with the MGB on it?
    Thanks for the good sites, I have used them and dont even own a jag…..gary


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