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17 cases of oil in one year.

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1959 Austin Healey 100 Six

Hm, I must have a minor Healey buzz going (or I located a folder of long-forgotten scans on my computer, I’ll never tell). This is my 100-Six in the snow of 1989–the Healey and I were stuck from 2:30 in the afternoon until midnight on the 520 floating bridge. We didn’t turn a wheel for nine hours. I ran out of gas, sat in a stranger’s car to stay warm, caught a lift from a crazy guy who drove 15 miles to deliver me to my house two miles from where we started, and there found a foot of snow at 3:30 in the morning. This was a big snow (there were more local news reporters than snowplows running around) and it stayed below freezing for two weeks, unusual for western Washington. The Healey was actually a pretty decent car to drive in the white stuff!

17 Cases of Oil

1959 Austin Healey 100 Six

I bought this car in 1989, when I was 22. It was a rattly, smokey, tired old car–I loved it anyway. I went through 17 cases of oil in the year I owned it; about half went out the tailpipe and half went onto the ground. Environmentally sound it was not.

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