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A lovely lad, bit long in the tooth

2020 So Far: Inactivity Merit Badge Achieved

So…I rescued a dog in February, a border collie (mix, I think) named Brodie. Since then, I have essentially spent most of my time hanging with him, and absolutely none out in the shoppe doing anything useful on any of the vehicles! But I have washed nearly everything with wheels on it in the last month, so here’s some shots of the stable being hosed down, with the help of the pupper.

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Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Believe it or not, between the last post and this one, I have spent all my “car time” getting the Morgan scuttle to fit a bit better (again) and then filling it so it wasn’t a complete disaster. A bit more about that inside, but here’s Reg the faithful MGB, and the XJS which was going to be a “quick sale” (and which I need to sell but have not found the time), and Goldie in her carport digs.

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MGB and BSA Just Hanging Out


Reg the MGB and the BSA just hanging out. I have not yet been out on the beezer this year, I should definitely do something about that. Reg has been getting regular use, but it’s about time to shake off another year of “benign neglect” and change fluids and what-not. At some point soon I really do need to see about the bodywork, he’s an old guy and it’s time, I expect.

Benign Neglect


My poor MGB, victim of my lack of grease-gun attentiveness. The latest protest came from the parking brake cable; it siezed due to 51 years of use– with about 41 years of regular greasing. I was able to free it up off the car, and now, freshly greased and relatively clean it’s ready to go back in.

Autumn MGB, 2012

Reg the MGB is still trundling along–as it always has under my regimen of benign neglect. I’ve owned this car for at least a decade now, and I am still very pleased to be its caretaker. All of the cosmetic issues it had when I bought it are largely still in need of attention, but none of them make any difference when driving. I’m incredibly reluctant to take this car off the road and potentially lose the great patina it has.
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Family Snapshot

This may be the dorkiest thing I’ve done for awhile, but my life is essentially a string of dorky endeavors. I washed my wife’s car, which made me think I should wash the XJ6, which led to me washing a seagull bomb off the MG, which had me thinking the truck hadn’t been washed since last year…so everything got hosed down. (The bikes were out because I was moving stuff around in the shop.) Why not roll out the E-Type? Somewhere in that sequence it passed from “understandable” to “dorky”; in any case, this was the result.

New Year’s MGB

[flickr id=”6616863057″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]Happy 2012 from all of us (well, OK, me) at Rusty Heaps! I had to run to the store and as it wasn’t raining, I got out Reg the MGB today. The MG hadn’t been out in a few months and it was a blast to drive it again. It feels faster than the XJ6 (it’s almost certainly not) and is a lot more involving to drive.
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In the Shop, November 2011

Here’s the inside of the shop, as you can see I haven’t done a whole lot with the organization of the space. (You can click for a larger image.)
Shop interior
I hope to build in some cabinets and what-not this winter, mainly on the wall where I have a couple of ancient Ferrari posters tacked up (I found a stash from ages ago…anyone for a 1980’s Testarossa poster? I managed to put that one back in the tube). I did get casters onto the metal work tables, they’re now handy for moving close to the action or allowing access to all sides of an unwieldy project.
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1963 MGB Still Doing Well

[flickr id=”5827218457″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]

I took “Reg” the 1963 MGB across the pond to a business meeting on Saturday, and the car ran great, as usual. The only real issue recently has been the carburetor dashpot plungers unscrewing themselves every 20 miles or so…once they’ve come undone, the car doesn’t accelerate very well at all. The front carb is worse than the back, but they both do it. Very odd. I’m used some blue locktite to see if that helps, so far it seems to have done the trick, but it’s only been about 60 miles.

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