A Mostly British Obsession

Family Snapshot

This may be the dorkiest thing I’ve done for awhile, but my life is essentially a string of dorky endeavors. I washed my wife’s car, which made me think I should wash the XJ6, which led to me washing a seagull bomb off the MG, which had me thinking the truck hadn’t been washed since last year…so everything got hosed down. (The bikes were out because I was moving stuff around in the shop.) Why not roll out the E-Type? Somewhere in that sequence it passed from “understandable” to “dorky”; in any case, this was the result.


  1. Brent

    Fast forward 50 years:

    Here’s a shot of all sorts of ways I had to get around in 2012, now all I have is this walker I imported from England….it only leaks a little oil.

  2. Christopher King, J.D.

    Good thing you got money because you definitely have issues, LOL. Enjoy my Brit things here:



    And my Seattle thing here:


    My Sister is in Queen Anne next time I come out we should rally up.


  3. john

    Not dorky at all – very cool in fact. The Daytona and the pickup are indeed fine machines; the rest, well they look nice! :)


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