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Satan’s Own GT

Liability No More?


I sold the MGB-GT today (or so it seems, transaction won’t close for a few). I don’t what it is, I had no action on the car for what seemed like forever, and then today I get five people who want to look at it. Weird. In any case, someone who knew what they were looking for and looking at bought it within fifteen minutes of seeing it…I lost my shirt but that’s the way these things usually go. I don’t think I’ve made money on a car in fifteen years!

Hope Floats


I have the GT back on craigslist. No replies this time, I have probably worn out my welcome (ie, the people who were likely to respond have already seen it). If I can’t move it before the end of July, I’ll take it over to the All British Field Meet and put it in the “cars for sale” section.


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