1990 F150

I’ve agreed to buy back my 1990 F150 pickup from my friend Brent, who bought it from me a few years ago. It’s a good truck and is the very base model F150 from that year–what they called a “work truck.” No carpets, vinyl seats, no accessories at all. But it’s in good condition and still only has 65,000 miles on it. I guess it was somewhat forgetable since before now it didn’t even make it into my list of past vehicles!

It has a canopy on it which I paid a decent amount for, so that our fostered Chocolate Lab, Flake, could ride in it. Hence the entry name. Do I even have a photo of this thing, anywhere, from my past ownership? We didn’t get a digital camera until Allie ran the Portland Marathon, and I think that may have been after we bought Moby D, the white ’98. Hmmm.