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The Horror!

The ’64 MGB Project is Gone

Thankfully! My friend Gabe took the car off my hands in trade for some of his professional time, for what precisely is yet to be determined. I have more than enough projects to keep me busy, and would never have got to this one.

Junk City

1964 MGB Project

So, er, that’s my ’64 MGB. It’s a beauty, eh? This is what happens when you don’t have a garage or shop to store all of your valuable artifacts in. As an aside, humans are weird creatures, aren’t they? Any rational alien would look at something like this and probably have their brains explode just trying to comprehend why, exactly, someone would want to do this.

1964 Pile o’ Junk Finally Retreived

My friend, neighbor and fellow weird car afficianado Paul was kind enough to help me retrieve my ’64 project this evening. We had previously absconded with the parts and tonight we were able to grab the shell. It’s now sitting in my storage bin in front of my ’63…hopefully Reggie the ’63 will be able to pass some good karma to the poor old beast.

Pile of Parts…

mainMy friend and neighbor Paul was kind enough to help me retrieve the “pile of parts” part of the 1964 MGB today. The various debris filled both our old Fords, and created quite a heap in my storage bin. Found some absolutely huge spiders in the wire wheel stack, too.

Looks like it may not be all that bad in some ways. Lots of mechanical parts to play with. The 3-main engine is stuck but doesn’t look like scrap, and between the two of every other component, there may be a decent car waiting to be put back together.

Hopefully we’ll retrieve the shell in a couple of weeks, and that is where the main misery lies. I hope to paint this car Iris Blue, as shown in the photo…very definitely not this car!

Worst Car Yet

1964 MGB Project

I’m hopeless.

A neighbor was selling this car (what car?) and I had to step in and save it. It’s actually a bodyshell and most of two separate pull-handle cars, including a title for the shell. The shell looks horrible and has no floors, but it’s no worse than other MGBs I’ve seen. And the parts stash includes two of everything (except only a single motor) you’d find on an MGB. This goes into my storage bin for the time being, but the idea will be to use this as an exercise in learning to weld and learning to paint.

I’m a bit skeptical that this is really a ’62, as I think it’s actually a few thousand car numbers later than Reggie.

[Edit: It’s really a ’64]


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