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Pile of Parts…

mainMy friend and neighbor Paul was kind enough to help me retrieve the “pile of parts” part of the 1964 MGB today. The various debris filled both our old Fords, and created quite a heap in my storage bin. Found some absolutely huge spiders in the wire wheel stack, too.

Looks like it may not be all that bad in some ways. Lots of mechanical parts to play with. The 3-main engine is stuck but doesn’t look like scrap, and between the two of every other component, there may be a decent car waiting to be put back together.

Hopefully we’ll retrieve the shell in a couple of weeks, and that is where the main misery lies. I hope to paint this car Iris Blue, as shown in the photo…very definitely not this car!

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  1. M. Meyer

    Would You or anyone you might know be interested in another parts pile and a decent body shell?? Info available under 1964MGB project car on britishcarlinks.com Thanks M. Meyer


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