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Worst Car Yet

1964 MGB Project

I’m hopeless.

A neighbor was selling this car (what car?) and I had to step in and save it. It’s actually a bodyshell and most of two separate pull-handle cars, including a title for the shell. The shell looks horrible and has no floors, but it’s no worse than other MGBs I’ve seen. And the parts stash includes two of everything (except only a single motor) you’d find on an MGB. This goes into my storage bin for the time being, but the idea will be to use this as an exercise in learning to weld and learning to paint.

I’m a bit skeptical that this is really a ’62, as I think it’s actually a few thousand car numbers later than Reggie.

[Edit: It’s really a ’64]


  1. Allie

    This is really something.

  2. Roger

    I bet you’ve never seen anything quite like it.

  3. Allie

    That’s for sure.


  4. Kevin

    Some things are better left for dead. The photo was terrifying. I don’t think I can sleep tonight knowing that car is out there somewhere.


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