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1963 MGB Still Doing Well

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I took “Reg” the 1963 MGB across the pond to a business meeting on Saturday, and the car ran great, as usual. The only real issue recently has been the carburetor dashpot plungers unscrewing themselves every 20 miles or so…once they’ve come undone, the car doesn’t accelerate very well at all. The front carb is worse than the back, but they both do it. Very odd. I’m used some blue locktite to see if that helps, so far it seems to have done the trick, but it’s only been about 60 miles.

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Here’s the car in the shop, where I’m using the largely-original engine bay as a guide as I put the GT’s cleaned bits back. The small details are subtly different, but close enough to serve as a guide.

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The hoses have been replaced, the clutch master was changed at some point, but it’s still largely how it left the factory and I’m not sure the engine has been out. (The car now has 90,000 miles on it, which would be really good innings for a clutch if it’s the original item.) If the mill has been out, they did a nice job putting it back together properly, unlike the GT, which was missing half the bolts in some places!


  1. Tom

    It’s always nice to have a second car of the same model/vintage. I’m always going to one of the Corvairs to refresh my reassembly memory.

  2. KevinTeabag

    I had the same problem with the dashpot plungers unscrewing themselves after more than just a few miles. After trying a few quick fixes (and failing) I decided the threads of the black plastic caps were worn. I replaced them with new ones and that seemed to cure the problem.


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