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Rover On Way to New Jersey

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I dropped the Rover off with the gentleman who will be hauling it back to New Jersey today…sad to see it go, as it is actually a fine car. But I need the space! Hope the new owner enjoys it. In a typical Rusty Heaps turn, though, the title I mailed seems to have gone missing. Ah, well, I only had to make three visits to the Department of Licensing–which, in all fairness, has exemplary staff in their Freeland, WA outpost–last week to (finally!) transfer the title on the E-Type to my name, after twelve years of ownership (best not to rush these things, I find).

What’s another five or so trips there among friends?

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  1. Franco Walser

    Hi friends
    gratulation !!! very excited your classic cars, great pleasure.
    Im still looking for a resonable Jag 3.4 Mk 1 manual. Let me know if you have any car on stock.
    regards from swiss franco walser


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