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A Bit Soggy

The shot above–featuring a slightly disgusted Your Correspondent–was taken by Peter Laurence (check out his photostream for great shots of the Vancouver ABFM) as I waited for my entry packet in the pouring rain…I had only ridden four miles from the hotel to the gardens, but I was as soaked as I’ve ever been. Friday was gorgeous, and I didn’t even think about packing leathers or rain gear. I didn’t dry out from this 9AM ride until I got back home 12 hours later!
[flickr id=”5747969483″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”none”]The truck was a bit of an adventure. My friend Steve got stuck in ferry traffic, so we got a late start from my house. Turns out I had a broken brake light wire (and very quickly a blown fuse from trying to fix that without turning the key off)…but (of course!) we only noticed it after we had left my garage and were a few miles down the road, so it was a chewing-gum and bailing wire repair. (I would have had plenty of time to fix it properly at home.)

Steve also noticed that my tabs were five months expired (!), though not until we got to the border. Thankfully I was never called on it, despite four State patrol agents giving the truck a thorough going over while checking out the BSA.

In all I had a good time, but there were times as the rain kept coming down where a fire and a pint of dark ale sounded very, very good!


  1. KevinTeabag

    The Pacific NW “Embrace the Mildew” Rain Fest now into it’s tenth month of extended celebration. At least you showed up for the event. Soggy pants and all. We’re not going to get any real break from the wet weather until that old bitch La Nina leaves the neighborhood sometime around the end of June. If we could just find a way to tax the rain our state budget woes would be solved quickly.

  2. Martin Carney

    Hi, If you ever decide to sell your ’68 F250, please call or write me. I currently have a ’70 F250 CS, but being from NH, it is not in that great of shape.
    Thanks, Marty (Sandwich, NH) 603-703-9337 or 284-7722


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