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To the Machine Shop, not Vancouver

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After cleaning the engine and undoing a few of the external gubbons, I’m going to abandon the hasty efforts to get to Canada this week, and have the engine rebuilt, instead. The mill is fairly well silted-up, and the flywheel ring gear is pretty bad. I don’t want to put the works back in only to have to pull them out next year, so it’s now a rebuild–with a good running engine, this probably means new bearings, camshaft and oil pump and hope it doesn’t need a grind or new pistons/rings.

This will give me time to rebuild the front end, as well as pull the heater box to restore it properly, clean the speedometer innards, etc. The goal now will be to be done before the E-Type arrives in July. (I’ll take the BSA to Vancouver instead, which means I need to spruce it up a bit.)


  1. Allie

    Wait a minute – there’s a real E-Type? ;)

  2. Brent

    You need to do the timetable conversion. If you notice, the e-type was almost ready for paint on March 2nd. If you consult the conversion table on the inside of a mid 80s Pee-Chee, you’ll see that Almost = 120 days. So, when this says the E is arriving in July, that likely means somewhere around October. If we have stunted summer, it’ll be too damp to paint the E and the original estimate of July will hold, only it’ll be July 2012.

    I know, it’s confusing.

  3. chuck goolsbee

    What Brent said.


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