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Autumn MGB, 2012

Reg the MGB is still trundling along–as it always has under my regimen of benign neglect. I’ve owned this car for at least a decade now, and I am still very pleased to be its caretaker. All of the cosmetic issues it had when I bought it are largely still in need of attention, but none of them make any difference when driving. I’m incredibly reluctant to take this car off the road and potentially lose the great patina it has.

I’ve lost touch with the former owner; Jack, if you’re still around, I’d love to hear from you. As always, if you find yourself on the island, you’d be welcome to borrow the car. Hopefully Reg hasn’t aged markedly since you last saw the car, unlike me!

I recently bothered to calculate this machine’s gas mileage; it gets about 26 MPG, much better than I thought. That is slightly less than twice what the XJ6 gets, three times what the F250 gets, and a little less than half what the BSA and the Triumph achieve.


  1. Don

    Your MGB looks great! It is one of few Mk1s left that are decent looking and still on the road.

    This is one that was sold and is original like yours:

    And there is a website devoted to early MGBs:

  2. Ralph

    “I’m incredibly reluctant to take this car off the road and potentially lose the great patina it has.”

    I have a one owner ’72 B, also white but with a navy interior, and feel the same way. Had plans to clean it up a bit but had second thoughts and am taking care of safety items and broken things only. It has survived this long so will remain as it is showing its age with pride.

  3. Jack

    Roger, yes I’m still around also getting older. I search your site every few months to see what’s new and always click on Reg to think back on my time with him. I enjoy your site very much and when I get up to the island I will give you a call. Regards!


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