I’m definitely enjoying the new bike! I’m trying to get the remedial repairs from the previous owner’s tenure done before the Crater Lake trip; these include replacing the foot pegs (the right one is broken off halfway along and makes for an uncomfortable ride) and replacing the battery. The latter is a disappointment, if only because I asked if it had a decent battery and the seller said yes. I mean, just tell me it sucks, and I’ll get a new one.

It was difficult to find stock footpegs, so I purchased a set of aftermarket pegs which will lower the foot position by about an inch. This should make an already pretty comfortable bike even more so, though it will be interesting to see if they’re low enough to affect cornering. Given the chicken strips on my tires, probably not.

I also need to get the horn working. I got it to beep by wiggling it around, but need to make a more permanent fix, especially as I had cause to use it on the ride pictured above. As usual, an older person in a giant American sedan just wafted out of a side road without bothering to look in my direction. (I need some reflective orange tape on my middle finger!)

On the way back from Port Townsend, I met and chatted with this gentleman on the ferry, he was coming back from the annual Vashon ride, which I didn’t make as my BSA has a leaking gas tank. (More on that later!) These Moto Guzzis are handsome machines, and this particular one had a great patina.

(I see the person I traded my Daytona to immediately put it on craigslist, and he’s slashed the price down to $3,750 already. That’s got to be a good buy for someone, the bike was well-cared for and is pretty close to immaculate. Oh, well, I suppose if I ever see it again it will have been boy-racered. But I’m happy enough with my deal.)