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BSA Thunderbolt, New Bars

1972 BSA Thunderbolt

Before delivering this up to my friend’s place, I took the opportunity to fix a few things. Mainly, I put new bars on it, getting rid of the ridiculous “western” bars and putting on a set from a Norton Interstate. Much better, though the install would benefit from new cables. Couple of more photos after the jump.

1972 BSA Thunderbolt

1972 BSA Thunderbolt

It’s a decent riding bike, though the oil pressure is slightly suspect, or the sender is, in any case. Lots of minor sorting to do for my friend. Learning to ride first wouldn’t be a bad idea…


  1. Michael Selvey

    Fantastic bargain for $2500.00! Whoever the previous owner was had good taste, matching the black center piece on the tank to the black painted grille intakes of the air filter covers. Nice red, too. MUCH better than stock. This is one of the better riding BSAs built (with the exception of the A10 Super Rocket).


    Michael Selvey
    Nacogdoches, TX
    Lost in the Pines

  2. Allie

    You know what that thing needs?

    A gas gauge.



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