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Most Ridiculous E-Type Advert?


What is the guy in the Jaguar doing? How many miles did he drive cross-country (with his five-inch ground clearance) to reach the lad he’s talking to? Did people really herd cattle in traditional dress through the 1960s? Where is this left-hand-drive car supposed to be? Africa? The Indian sub-continent? The Steppes? Argentina?

(If you look carefully at the car, it’s clear not all press cars were carefully vetted. The door fit is questionable, as is the bonnet. Makes it quite clear that most E-Types that are “show quality” are much better now than they were when new!)


  1. Kevin C.

    I think this is a photo of Argentine cowboys keeping a watchful eye as they have been told Jaguars sometimes will go after the herd. Maybe it is an E-Type ad for eastern Europe. “Steppe up to a Jaguar!” Sorry. I should be publicly flogged through the streets of Pt. Townsend for that one. Bring it.

  2. Don Boyd

    Made me laugh a bit remembering. Yup, I think it might be S.A. But as to off pavement ability, I took my 66 E type roadster EVERYWHERE up in the logging roads and mountains of the central cascades around Salem and Corvallis OR, in the ’80s. That 5 inch ground clearance is the same or within an inch of a Toyota PU. (the lowest point being the rear pumpkin in almost every car.) Once I learned that, and also learning to cross small ditches on a diagonal, I was pretty fearless. I sure did get strange looks from the rangers though! Never banged it….. The door fit of almost every ‘64,65,66 E type was poor at the bottom. Mine was the same. I used to worry that it had been damaged until I saw factory pics, and about halfway back at the bottom of the door, the sheet metal came out about 1/8 inch.

  3. Alex

    This pictures were taken in Portugal!


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