Jeff's MGB

I’ll be helping my friend Jeff put together another MGB. It’s a ’73 roadster in tough but usable condition–blown-up engine excepted. It comes with a spare rebuildable engine and I’ve located a decent used motor as well. So we’ll have a kit of parts and will see what we can get out the other side.

Jeff is the friend who got me into the GT debacle, but this is a better prospect. Everything but the motor is working, and the car hasn’t been off the road for long. Plus, it’s a roadster, which means if it’s running it’s worth more than he’ll have into it. Double plus, I’m not having to fund it!

The car is rustier car than I would buy, but the GT I just sold was an exception–most cheap MGBs are going to be rusty. This one isn’t terrible but it’s not good, either.