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I picked up Reggie the 1963 MGB today. I haven’t driven the car in a year, but now we’re in “MG country” (and with the sale of a couple of cars) I have a place for it. Aside from flat batteries and stuck points in the fuel pump, the car started right up. It really is a great old car–definitely a pleasure driving it home. It’s funny how familiarity does breed contempt; when we use something frequently, we can often only see the flaws. Take a breather and the good qualities overwhelm all of those nit-picky details. Before putting the MG in storage for a year, all I could see were flaws. How long will the new honeymoon last?


  1. Allie

    Yay! Reggie is home!

  2. Jack Becker

    OMG! I was browsing the site and these pics bring back so much memories for a 78 year old who sold Reggie to Roger. I dearly loved that car but am so happy that Roger owns it now and to see it on the website makes me happier. Thank you and GO Roger!


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