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DJC: Dreaded Jeff Car

Jeff's MGB

You can thank Allie for the title of this entry. “Coleman” is the moniker that my friend Jeff has bestowed on this machine, but around here, it’s the Dreaded Jeff Car, after the debacle with the MGB-GT.

The previous owner flat-bedded the car over here this evening, and it was really too dark to do much poking or prodding. I picked up a used MGB motor from Bainbridge Island on Sunday, which you can see in front of this machine. The plan is to use all of the goodies from the motor in the car (which has a thrown rod) and put them on the new used motor, which will be coming out soon.

I’ll get the car up on stands tomorrow (maybe!) and start undoing some stuff.

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  1. Allie

    I have learned there is nothing quite like a Project Car. I expect to see Roger again in the next two weeks only as he wanders in and out of the house to check his email. ;-)


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