Another MGB. I bought this car in Issaquah shortly after I got rid of the Healey 100-Six. I’m trying desperately to remember how much I paid, but it was probably about $1500. It was bright red, with a halfway decent paint job, but had essentially no interior and a lot of blow-by from the engine.

I put an entirely new interior in the car, in tan as I really disliked black interiors, and the engine proved to be on its last legs, so I bought a “good” replacement motor from Aurora Auto Wrecking…which proved to have no oil pressure. That was a blow. The car was also a “nickle and dimer” which constantly needed something…a radiator one month, a heater motor the next, on and on…and that’s not something I like to live with. I later sold my ’62 Healey because of it and this car was similar.

One thing I do remember, that despite how rust-free this car was, it was filthy. Literally an inch of dirt on the floorboards, all red Montana dust, where this car hailed from.

When I sold it, we got back from the test drive, and the radiator had sprung another leak. I discounted the car $200 on the spot just to see the back of it. In retrospect, it would be a valuable car today just because of how rust free it was, but maybe I just get suckered every time by the rust-free thing and ignore the rest, to my detriment.