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Potential New Truck

68f100 1Yeah, so I’ve had my 1990 F150 back for…two months. And already I’m ready to part with it. It runs fine, it’s in good condition…but it’s boring. And life is too short for boring cars. Isn’t it?

I’m looking at this ’68 Ford F100 today, which is definitely not as boring. And it has a 428 in it. That’s really not boring.


  1. Allie

    Life is also too short for boring food. I am going to dye everything purple and orange from now on.

  2. Roger

    Well, it was rusty, though it drove nicely. I think I’m just going to skip looking for an old truck until I can find a really nice one.

  3. Allie

    You can just look around until you find that perfect old truck. Hopefully it will appear before we need to haul anything big. ;)


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