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New Tires for the Daytona?

Front Tire of my 955i

This can’t be good–most bikes don’t use studded front tires. The Triumph is now seven years old and on its original tires, though they have accumulated only 2600 miles. I suppose this will get me to replace them. (I’m not quite sure what I’ve collected, here…I thought it was a bolt, but on further study, I don’t think it is.)

I discovered this on the ferry, headed out to Kirkland for the Carillon Point car show today, so I had 50 miles of riding to contemplate my unwanted companion.


  1. Looks like a Helicoil.

    How was the concours?

  2. It’s an inflation needle. You know, for filling footballs and soccer balls and such.

  3. Oh, wait…I just thought of the irony….

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