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GT Stripped Down, Ready for Some New Metal

1967 MGB GT - No fenders!

I have the fenders, valance and rear hatch off the GT, preparing for a few minor patch panels and then paint. Car is remarkably good, all things considered. Most painful is going to be getting all of the red overspray off of places I will not be painting, like the underside and inner fenders, which all still have very intact undercoating.

1967 MGB GT - inner sill, front

This is the passenger side sill at the front, where the fender was holed. You can see the sill has some damage, we’ll be patching this.

1967 MGB GT - inner sill, front

You can see the same damage here on the driver’s side.

1967 MGB GT - dogleg

The passenger dogleg has suffered a bit, we’ll cut this out and make a patch panel to suit.

1967 MGB GT - dogleg

The driver’s dogleg is perfect. Score one for the home team.

1967 MGB GT - Fender

Here the new patch for the fender itself has been offered up.

I have a bunch of supplies to purchase, and I have a lot of wire-wheeling and paint stripping to take care of before we can prime the car. I’m hoping to be in primer, ready for blocking and ding repair, by the end of next week, but we’ll see.

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  1. j.groves

    I did’nt realize that she had been striped from the naves to chaps so completely! This is serious indeed. But it seems to be coming along very much apace. Stay calm & carry on!…j


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