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GT Back from the Blasters

1967 MGB GT

Alternative Blasters in Marysville finished their work on the GT–they were quick, friendly, and reasonably priced…definitely going to use them again. They did not do the bonnet as they were uncomfortable with blasting the aluminum.

The car is really very good for a 42 year old MG. The passenger dogleg (just behind the door) has a couple of holes (which we’ll patch) and the lower front fenders are rusted, with some associated damage to the front of the sill. I have new lower fenders and I think (hope!) the sill can be patched.

1968 Ford F250 & 1967 MGB GT

I now have the car at my friend Jim’s shop. I’m paying Jim to weld in the repair panels, and he’s agreed to let me use his paint booth and cast a critical eye on what I’m doing, prep-wise, as this will be my first paint job where I’m actually doing the painting. All of the glass came out today and I will have the front valance and fenders off tomorrow. Then the fun really begins!


  1. Kevin C.

    Let the games begin! Spray on, old friend.

  2. Gary Hartley

    Hi there! Blaster is in Marysville ca? What did they charge? What kind of media? Thanks for the help (wokring on a 67 GT myself!!)

  3. Roger

    Hi Gary, blaster is in Marysville, Washington. I think they used plastic media, and it was about $600, I think.


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