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Garage Mahal

Garage Mahal

I’ve never lived in a house with anything more capacious than a single-car garage; for the past five years we’ve lived in a house with a damp one-car carport. You can imagine how excited I am about the new Garage Mahal, as my friend Chuck would label it.

The building is 48′ x 36′ (split into two spaces, workshop side and storage side). The roof is entirely supported by the perimeter walls, so the interior is clear of supporting posts. Just think, I can store at least 16 rusty old British cars of the type I gravitate towards inside. That’s progress!

We get the keys Tuesday, if everything goes according to Hoyle. (My wife tells me there’s a house somewhere else on the property but I can’t remember much about it.)


  1. All that space and now he says he needs a carport, too. *shakes head*

  2. Very nice. I look forward to reading about how you decide to fill it up.

  3. Congrats. Can’t wait to see what you fill it up with. Does the garage have a heater? Running water? A loo?

  4. You lucky bastid! I hate you.

    And yer FOUR bay garage…grrrr!


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