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Garage Mahal

Garage Mahal

I’ve never lived in a house with anything more capacious than a single-car garage; for the past five years we’ve lived in a house with a damp one-car carport. You can imagine how excited I am about the new Garage Mahal, as my friend Chuck would label it.

The building is 48′ x 36′ (split into two spaces, workshop side and storage side). The roof is entirely supported by the perimeter walls, so the interior is clear of supporting posts. Just think, I can store at least 16 rusty old British cars of the type I gravitate towards inside. That’s progress!

We get the keys Tuesday, if everything goes according to Hoyle. (My wife tells me there’s a house somewhere else on the property but I can’t remember much about it.)


  1. Allie

    All that space and now he says he needs a carport, too. *shakes head*

  2. Tom

    Very nice. I look forward to reading about how you decide to fill it up.

  3. chuck goolsbee


    Awesome sauce.

  4. Kevin Teabag

    Congrats. Can’t wait to see what you fill it up with. Does the garage have a heater? Running water? A loo?

  5. Paul

    You lucky bastid! I hate you.

    And yer FOUR bay garage…grrrr!



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