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Unmovable Jaguars

1995 Jaguar XJR

If it’s so easy to get “suckered” into buying a used Jaguar of recent vintage, why is it so hard to find someone else to do so when it’s time for it to go?

The answer is certainly more complex than I’d give it credit for (“they’re all jerks!”). A used Jaguar is still an expensive car (relatively, I want $7500 for mine) and there is a long list of luxury items that can go wrong. Indeed, a few of those items are non-functional on my car:

  • The sunroof isn’t sunroofing. Broken plastic piece, approximate value: $2. Repair option: replace entire roof system.
  • The radio aerial isn’t aerialing. This has been a Jaguar problem for years…glad to see it’s still not fixed. Repair option: new motor and mast.
  • The climate control readout backlight isn’t. No problem during the day, but at night, you can’t read what temperature it is. Repair option: $10 bulb and some disassembly.
  • The driver’s heated seat switch is jammed. I wonder what caused it to happen, but there it is. Repair option: entire clock assembly.

None of these items take away from my pleasure in the car, and mechanically and cosmetically it’s very nice. I never use a sunroof, I produce enough heat in my own seat, and I listen to CDs. However, they don’t look good to prospective purchasers.

The other negative is that I think buyers have changed. No one is willing to accept imperfections in anything any longer. People seem to expect that a 10-year-old car with 100,000 miles is going to look, smell, perform, and be in the same condition as it was when it left the showroom…but they’re unwilling to pay for that condition. So you get people shopping for $7500 Jaguars who really should be shopping for $15,000 Jaguars, and compare your car unfairly to those.

Maybe I’m just too defensive, but this is a good car and it puzzles me no one wants it.


  1. Steve


    If it was RHD I’d pay cash right now,



  2. Roger

    Steve, don’t tempt me to get the sawzall out.

    I do sound a bit whingey, though, don’t I?

  3. Jos Raven

    my 1995 X300 is still going strong. No problem whatsoever with the aerial, motor or mast.
    Sunroof still 100% working.
    Replaced the bulbs and fixed the NO CONT on the radio/CD Changer.


  4. Roger

    Jos, the XJR is another car I sorta wish I hadn’t sold, despite all my whining about trying to sell it. If I had a workshop, I would have held onto it, I think, at least for awhile longer!

  5. Cj

    I own an 95 xjr it’s quiet fast,fun,and comfortable,I’ve thought bout selling it, but never went for it,this car is soon a classic 90s supercharged muscle car this car is the most dependable,fun to drive head turner I ever had.the new ones look like a ford Taurus I hate them,classic fold curves,the hood,and back end r all my faves.


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