1949 Ford 8N and 1963 MGB

I took Reg up to Oak Harbor today to view a used–very used, it’s almost 60 years old–Ford 8N tractor for use around Pony Hollow. The drive was nice, if a bit chilly…isn’t this almost July? It felt like it was early April.

In addition to the 8N, which I’m seriously considering adding the the “current liabilities” section, I saw a very nice MGB for sale on the side of the road, and at one point was followed by a GT-40…or in all probability, a kit-car version, though I suppose it could have been one of the new Ford GTs. If it was a kit, it was impressively executed.

Considering the hiatus of a year, Reg is running very well (knock on wood) and it’s really fun to have him back.