1962 Austin Healey 3000

It’s funny what you remember about certain cars and what you don’t. I’m going to see what I can come up with in a few minutes for this car, the Healey 3000 tri-carb I owned in 1995 or so, ten years ago (!).

  • I remember driving down to see it. The gentleman who owned it was in a tough position, he had lung cancer and had already had a fairly major operation for it. The car was fine, though it had a “lace job” on the bonnet and boot, fortunately done with tape, not paint. The owner’s house was near to a military firing range, the visit was punctuated with giant “booms” from the guns.
  • The clutch driven plate broke about halfway through my ownership, necessitating a clutch job, done in the parking garage of the apartment building I was living in at the time. The Healey transmission is a monster, and I can recall dropping this one on its output shaft, which didn’t seem to do much damage, except to a friend’s shin.
  • This car also suffered a flat tire one day when I came to drive it. A 3000 offers very few places to get a standard jack under when a wheel is flat, being so low to the ground. I had to start in the opposite corner and work my way around.
  • I recall driving the Mayflower Park Hotel classic rally in this car with my friend Matt. We did horribly, but it was a fun time, none-the-less. We were probably the shabbiest car on the event.
  • This car was not suitable for use in wet weather due to seals that didn’t. A journey in inclement weather was incredibly annoying because the front windshield leaked under in such a way that water would be sprayed onto your face as you were driving.
  • I generally have an impression of ho-hum-ness when I think of this machine, despite its glamour. It was a nickle-and-dimer, and really needed a complete restoration, which I couldn’t do at the time. I sold it to buy my first house, so I have to give it credit for that!