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1955 Ferguson TO35

I mowed another couple of acres today up at Pony Hollow, and I’m beginning to believe I’ll have to rebuild the hydraulics on the tractor. They work but they also don’t have a decent range of adjustment, which suggests either wear or bad seals.

I also overheated the tractor again, which suggests something in the system isn’t doing its job. The water pump is new, so it could be that the radiator needs flushing or the thermostat isn’t doing the greatest job. Fortunately, none of those jobs are particularly expensive.


  1. alan

    I had a problem with my to35 running hot when mowing, had to stop and clean the radiator screen often. It finaly got a leak in the radiator and the shop I took it to said I wasn’t worth repairing. Got a new one, wow what a difference. I can mow all afternoon and the engine stays normal temp. I just clean the screen at the end of the day.
    Good Luck

  2. George Baxter

    Did you replace the hydrolics? Mine quit working over the winter and was hoping for some help.


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