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All British, Seattle

1963 MGB

I drove the MGB down to Bellevue today to take a gander at the All British Field Meet. I think this year is the 16th (!) which I’m astonished at as I helped put together the first one in 1989. I saw a number of neat cars and got a halfway decent sunburn. However, this show is the least interesting, somehow, of the “big three” here in the northwest, especially as it’s on tarmac and it can get quite hot out…not to mention it’s awfully darn crowded anywhere in the greater Seattle area these days, which makes getting there not all that much fun.

However, if I never went to these things I wouldn’t have found Reggie the MGB, and so I have to go every once in awhile. Nothing in the for sale area this time of any interest, not that I have any money anyway. But usually there’s something that makes you go “hmmmm.” People were very proud of their cars, price-wise, which is funny because the crowd at a show like this is not at all likely to buy high.

On display were any number of nice machines, though turnout was a bit sparse this year. As the owner of a 3.8 litre E-Type, I’m always amazed how few of them show up. I saw one out of maybe ten on display. There were a couple of very handsome 6½ litre Bentleys from the 1920’s there, and I found it very amusing in the show’s “Salute to Rover” they failed to attract any Rovers!

In any case, Vancouver remains my favorite show and I vow to make it up there again next year.

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  1. Don

    Your MGB is classier than that ’57 Chevy!


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