64 F250Well, not much going on…which is generally good when it comes to old cars.

  • The MGB, Triumph, and BSA are tucked away for the winter in their locked storage
  • The Landy seems to be doing just fine, knock on walnut veneer
  • The Ferguson is stalwartly sitting in the carport. I start and run it for awhile every once in awhile…
  • Nothing is happening on the E-Type

I’ve been looking for another old Ford truck, without any luck thus far. Test drove a ’64 the other day…kind of a neat old truck but while I was there the gentleman selling was pressing me to make “any offer” and by the time I got home there was an email saying it was sold…kinda weird. (It’s pictured at the top of the page.)

I have a new neighbor who also has British Car Disease. In fact, I was able to help him drop a few dollars on a 1963 MGB very close in age to the one I own. Nice looking car.