FZRImagine the bike pictured in much worse condition, and you have my machine. It actually looked OK at a glance but the fairing had been broken so many times it was more glue than plastic!

I bought it from a friend who decided he didn’t need to be riding motorcycles…I recall it needed an alternator, or rather, it only charged itself feebly. A lot of roll starting was called for, but it usually fired up. Parts for Japanese sport bikes are pretty spendy once they’re out of production, and I just didn’t want to spend the $350 or whatever it was.

It was a decent first bike. I liked the sporty look with the twin headlamps, it was light and while not particularly maneuverable at low speeds because of the steering lock, it was fun to ride. However, I am really too big for this class of sport bike.

I never put it down, though there were a couple of close calls. I sold it to a friend of a friend who may even still have it.