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Get Together

groupChuck was kind enough to invite me and a few fellow E-Type owners over to his place today for some hob-nobbing. I had a great time and was the only one who didn’t show up in a Jaguar and one of only two who didn’t drive their E-Type. It was a reminder that the vast majority of the folks you meet fooling around with old cars are great people (I’m one of the minority, neener neener).


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Glad to oblige… we had a great time too. My only complaint about hosting was NOT being able to get out and drive MY e-type. Next time we’ll do a drive up the valley.

  2. chuck goolsbee

    Bad News Roger, my son Chris has exercised his right of first refusal to navigate tomorrow in the Tulip Rallye. I’ll gladly let you co-drive with me on the upcoming (sometime in May) E-type get together.



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