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1968 Ford F250

My “new” truck–a wonderful time capsule, and I like the copper color more every time I see it. “Goldie” is a 1968 F250 Camper Special, very similar to my previous one, except that this machine has led a quiet, well-cared-for life, and it shows. The interior is immaculate and while the paint has seen better days, it’s still reasonable considering it is 38 years old!


  1. Allie

    This one is welcome to stay for as long as it likes. :)

  2. Shannon

    I just purchased a 69 Ford F250 that looks alot like one of your past indescretions. I am planning on restoring it (partly at least) with my son.
    If you’ve got any good links to share concerning restoring one of these old hulks, I would apreciate it.


    PS – I also have a 78 Triumph Spitfire 1500 :)

  3. jesse

    like the gold. looks reliable

  4. Tim

    I have this same truck Exactly, color,camper special. Power steering/power disc brakes and air. 390 4v auto. except mine is 4×4 with 81,000 miles. I love it!!! would love to chat. My 08 diesel F350 4 door lariat sets outside and Old Buck stays in the Garage!

  5. ronnie coffey

    i have a 1968 ford f250 that i just got on the road bought it out of a famers field it has a 360 390 in it i take it to car shows i like them old trucks took me two years to get it on the road it set for 5 years motor didnt run no lights grill lot of other parts email me ill send you a picture puffy_love_48@yahoo.com

  6. Morgan

    I have a 68 F250 camper special as well. Love the color. What is the color code and name of color? Let me know, anybody.

  7. Morgan

    If any one know the color name and code of “Goldie” please contact me at rmorgan3164@insightbb.com. I am restoring my 68 and would love to change my avocado green to that copper-gold color.
    Thanks again,

  8. Roger

    The color was custom ordered–I think it was a Mustang color called “Aztec Gold”.

  9. Morgan

    Thank you so very much for the information on the Aztec Gold color. By the way, although I live in Louisville Ky, I am born and raised in SF Calif. I learned how to fly fish in the east lake area near the Center For Wooden Boats in the early 1990’s. The 68 f250 I own is a Calif truck and I am the second owner. Do you have the paint code??? If so please send it to me. Thanks again, Morgan


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