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Missing Car

1966 Jaguar XKE Coupe

As in, I miss this car. It’s one of the few cars I honestly wish I still had…though once my current E-Type is back on the road I’m sure all will be better.


  1. Allie

    I don’t think you actually have an E-type. I just keep being told that “this is a piece” and “that is a piece.” ;)

  2. Rachel Stratton

    I am not seeing a lot (or any) 1966 XKE FHCs on the market. I sold mine in 1989 after inheriting it from my father and am feeling what I suppose is nostalgia, but if you are going to drive at all there is nothing compared to driving this car. It is also the right size for a lady :)

  3. michael

    that is the best car i ever saw in my life.
    i wish i had one like it!

  4. DF

    You got rid of this car?? It was your fathers car as well? I don’t really mean any serious disrespect, but…..YOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR DOING THAT!!!!!!

  5. Roger

    My father’s car? My father’s most exciting car was probably his Desoto.


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