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Stealing from Goolsbee

Chuck has a time-lapse drive and a great paper E-Type model (pdf) on his blog right now, so why shouldn’t I simply copy? Anyway, here’s my current favorite time-lapse drive…Olympia to Seattle, circa 1988. Look at the relative lack of traffic, and lack of SUVs.

Edit: The E-Type link above is just the instructions. Here’s the parts.

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  1. chuck goolsbee

    heh… I love that 88 I-5 one… a few years before that, I lived near the old (now sunk) I-90 bridge in Seattle. I played hockey at Highland Ice arena on 174th & Aurora on Monday nights. I used to leave my house, go east on 90, N on 405, then back over the 520 bridge… JUST TO WATCH THE SUNSET. Then north on 5 to the 175th exit. Nowadays that would be suicide…. unless you left on Sunday. =\

    I swear, you could drive *anywhere* in Seattle proper in 15 minutes. The I-90 construction on Mercer Island was the only regularly bad traffic outside of rush hour.

    Sigh… what happened to our rainy backwater?



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