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Another Early B – Ouch, This One is Tough

So what does $250 buy you in a pull-handle MGB these days?

1964 MGB parts car

This one is not really salvageable, alas. That’s pretty tough, as early pull-handle MGBs aren’t easy to find…but look at the rust. Not to mention where a tree fell across the boot.

However, this car does still have its 3-main motor, aluminum bonnet in surprisingly decent shape (no bondo and no structural problems), and some Jaeger gauges, not to mention a set of early seat frames and a straight rear bumper, all items I need. And a guy can’t have too many crappy wire wheels stacked up.

The MG also has a title. It’s car # 39056, my other cars are around # 10500 and # 19000.

It’s tempting to re-shell this car–in my mind that’s not really a restoration, though obviously a good bit of work, and another MGB would be back on the road. On the other hand, thats a bunch of money and another chunk of time, neither of which I have to spare at the moment. I’ll think about it…this car still needs to be disassembled no matter what I do. This shell simply doesn’t have enough sheet metal left to start anywhere, so to the scrappy it goes.

I’m sure it gave much pleasure (and probably a little heartache) over the years. This car was last licensed in 1989, incidentally.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    If you are trying to amass evidence of your insanity, trust me, the case has been definitively proven already!


  2. Murray Arundell

    I do believe the pull out shells are available now, but it comes down to the cost of re-shelling and restoration as against what its worth once its done. The answer (at least here in Australia) is that dollar wise it does not stack up. Shame as its always sad to see an MG head off to the breakers… Just how bad is the rust? Rust aside from the photos at least it looks like a straight car……

  3. Allie

    I agree with Chuck.

  4. Roger

    Murray, it’s hard to tell from the photos, but the car has rusted out floors, and the join between the inner fender and outer fender on both sides in the rear is gone. The boot floor is suspect, and even the cowl has cancer. It’s really pretty terrible.

    I will not dignify Chuck or Allie’s comments, my doctors say I’m much better these days and rarely need to be shocked at all.

  5. Kevin

    Chuck and Allie have you nailed. You should be watched carefully. Perhaps arrangements could be made for you be confined to a group home for dysfunctional collectors of lumps of rusted twisted metal thought once to be cars.

  6. Kevin

    I actually saw this..this.. “thing” that was rumored at one time to be an MGB. It was a such a horrible shocking experience that I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks. I understand the church next door to Roger’s house vacated after an exorcism failed drive the MGB’s bad ju-ju away. Imagine what the neighbors think.


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