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Rusty Parts Car – Requiem

1964 MGB

Not much is left. All of the big pieces are tucked away and all that’s left is a moment’s silence for a terminally rusty shell. I suppose in the old country this would be saved (is that Lindsay Porter I see peeking from the blackberries?) but with the rust AND the crushed rear quarter, it would be easier to start from another shell.

This must have been a sharp car in 1963 when it was new–Tartan Red with a black interior piped in red. How it came to be parked in someone’s driveway without a top for 20 years is interesting to contemplate. How long was it cherished? Was it just another used car by 1965–or was it inherited by a youngster in the early 80’s after careful ownership only to be trashed and abandoned within a few years? Or did it just slowly decline, owned by increasingly hard-up owners until the 20th guy on the pink slip just couldn’t afford to fix it?


  1. chuck goolsbee

    There is another way to resurrect this vehicle. The largest export from the Port of Seattle these days is scrap metal, going to China. (Let that thought roll around in your head for a while.)

    Scrap it and chances are, it will float over to Shanghai, and be made into a Chery, or a Buick, or whatever they call ’em. MAYBE EVEN an MG!

    Funny how the world turns, yet stays still.


  2. Allie

    My car! What have you done to my car?? It was running yesterday and now look at it!


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