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It Will Never Look Like This Again

1954 BSA Golden Flash

After a few years of being stored in damp sheds due to our moving around, I’m afraid my BSA will probably never be this nice again, unless I re-restore it. This photo was taken shortly after I finished the restoration.


  1. Kevin C.

    “It will never look like this again?” Heavens, sounds like my wedding day. That quote is so often thought or spoken after so lovely a restoration. Do we try to keep them perfect? Seal them in plastic bubble wrap only bringing them out to shows and then back to darkness? Years ago, the Jag meet at St. Michelle incorporated a new rule that trailored entrants had to be driven on to the field. It seemed the Jaguar owners were not putting any fluids in their restored cars to minimize the risk of leaks. (British cars leak fluids as a matter of national pride.) Ride the thing as it was meant to be, for God sake. Enjoy the damn thing. If you can’t, give it to me.

  2. Jeff Forgrave

    A lovely BSA. I’ll ride her (if you won’t) with the care and respect befitting a 50+ lady (with national pride). Drop me a line and advise where to be and when. Well done you for the rebuild. Don’t let her languish, please. Tx.

  3. Roger

    I should note this wasn’t written with sadness, just noting that it’s really difficult to keep anything that sees the road in “just restored” condition. I admire anyone who can do so. Kevin C. excepted, of course.


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