There are a couple of machines in the “Past Indiscretions” column which (until now) have had no words spilled about them–mainly because they weren’t all that remarkable.

First up is the 1968 MGB GT. Purchased for $100 as a parts car (with title) from a storage yard tired of seeing it take up space. It had no floors or sills, the previous owner hoping to accomplish some repairs–new sheet metal was in the car for that very purpose. What it did have was a decent engine, destined for my 1969 MGB with the knocking rod. I never got around to the swap, I have no idea why–swapping an MGB motor is a piece of cake, and I had a garage at the time. Laziness, no doubt. I eventually sold it, along with the ’67 and ’69, as a package to a gentleman from Shelton named Fears. I hope he was able to make something of the project.

The other unmentioned is my 1984 F-150, a beat-up blue truck which served me pretty well as alternative transportation when I didn’t want to use my ’66 E-Type (my other car at the time). I sold it to a friend, who sadly ended up dumping a fair amount into repairs. He then sold it to a friend of his who really had to spend serious money on it. It had the 300 ci straight-six and a manual gearbox with–by far–the heaviest clutch I’ve ever encountered. The golf-ball-as-shift-knob was a classy touch perfectly in keeping with both the Ford’s–and my–image.