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Saab Story


(Forgive the pun!) My friend Paul and I travelled to Olympia today to look at a Frogeye Sprite and a Mini “Cooper” that a gentleman down there has. His shop was absolutely stuffed with 2-stroke Saabs, some of them quite rare these days.

Frogeye Sprite

The Mini and the Frogeye were interesting cars, the frogeye, despite appearances, being a pretty sound car. The mini was more problematic, at least to me, as in theory it’s a Cooper but lots of questions without actually checking numbers. The owner has spent a lot on the car, but it’s definitely not how I would have spent my Mini money if I had any.

Paul’s thinking about the Frogeye, it will depend on what price the owner decides to hang on it.


  1. Allie

    That is a LOT of cars. I thought you were kidding!! They are stacked in there. How does he move them out if sells one??

  2. chuck goolsbee

    I’m surprised you didn’t offer to buy the whole lot. ;)

    Imagine the rust collection you could have!


  3. Mad Dog

    The Mini could be a Mk 2 Cooper. It has the correct grille, external door hinges and sliding windows. Also twin carbs with the correct air cleaner. Shame about the awful non-standard paint job. Do a careful numbers check (although I suspect the engine plate has long since disappeared).

  4. Mad Dog

    PS If you need a hand with the VIN/chassis/motor numbers I can help. Just email me : wjwmorrow at yahoo dot com

  5. Roger

    Mad, the car didn’t have twin tanks and had a wishing-wand gearbox, though that may have been a later replacement. Also had the complete (ugly) interior out of a later car.

  6. Mad Dog

    Roger: Off the top of my head I think the twin tank was an option on the Mk 2 Cooper but standard on the S. The magic wand gear stick is worrying as these were only on the 850s. The Cooper had a remote shift.

  7. Marie

    was this guy named “shawn”?

  8. Roger

    Marie, that name does seem familiar in this context…do you know the gentleman?


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