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Photosynth of Flying Heritage Museum

Note: To see the item below, you have to have the photosynth plugin installed. You may be out of luck on a non-Windows machine, too, sorry about that–I’m just fooling around, here.

This was automagically stitched by photosynth, a Microsoft Live technology. I uploaded the photos from my visit to the flight museum, and it was able to put a few together. When it works it’s pretty neat, but some of the failures leave me scratching my head…not that software like this isn’t insanely complex, and it’s neat it’s available at all. But there are a few examples where the photos would seemingly be easy to stitch, and yet they’re not.

Anyway, if you can see it, enjoy.


  1. Allie

    That is cool!! I need to try it now. :)

  2. chuck goolsbee

    Photosynth does not support this OS.

    Grr… typical of Microsoft. QuicktimeVR does the same thing, and works just about everywhere.



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